Modernization of business processes using individual IT infrastructures

Successful businessmen who can count profits, strive to modernize enterprises as quickly as possible have long preferred new technologies. Among the set of modern tools, cloud technologies stand out, offering to facilitate administration, interaction with customers, suppliers, and personnel. The use of the latest IT developments guarantees a good profitability at a minimum cost. 

Among the main advantages, several key ones can be noted.

  • Instant access to a large array of information for analyzing the current situation, making objective forecasts of market development.
  • The presence of a compact core capable of instantly optimizing routes for the movement of field managers.
  • Reliable protection of confidential data from possible unauthorized entry. Duplication of important information in cloud storage.
  • Increase the capabilities of SaaS data protection offerings available on credit cards. Without the use of innovative technologies it is impossible to organize work with credit cards.

The offered opportunities ensure the rapid development of new business horizons. A cloud-based enterprise can handle crises with ease, reduce administration costs at a fast pace. It instantly reacts to changes in market conditions and is reliably protected from DDoS attacks.

Working with the cloud as a tool to optimize your business

Our company guarantees the normal operation of the Internet environment at maximum network loads, provides one hundred percent protection against various DDoS attacks. It guarantees an increase in the performance and reliability of the functioning of all systems, protects enterprise operations from intruders through public web applications, prevents dangerous programs and applications from entering the cloud without special processing. The usage of the latest developments makes the work of the enterprise more orderly, minimizing operating costs.
You can order services by phone or by filling out a special form on the website. The manager will contact you within an hour. He will give comprehensive information about the price, select a package of services for the efficient running of your business.

The most common types of DDoS attacks and how to fight them using cloud technologies

To better understand what an external attack on the company's management system is, it is worth imagining a multi-kilometer traffic jam on the highway during rush hour. It is impossible to regulate traffic movement, to provide instant access to the required array of information, the work of units is completely paralyzed. The most effective attack will be if there are several computers infected with a virus on the local system.

  • Applied. Experts refer to them as DDoS attacks of the seventh level. The main goal is to quickly deplete the resource using the web pages generated by the server. The attack is then transferred to visitors via an HTTP request. This is a very complex attack because it is impossible to instantly recognize malicious traffic and react to a hacking attempt.
  • Protocol. In terms of the protocol level, ISO occupies the third and fourth positions. Aimed at complete exhaustion of the resource using existing firewalls and load balancers. Penetration into the system quickly depletes the existing server capacity, completely disrupting the operation of the enterprise.
  • Volumetric. An attempt to overload the available memory resource with information as much as possible. All communication channels between the Internet and the user are blocked using numerous bots. The target is attacked continuously, completely disrupting the Internet connection. Work in such conditions is impossible. Especially dangerous for trading enterprises that communicate with suppliers and consumers via the Internet, critical infrastructure facilities, transport management, hospitals.

The company offers an optimal set of network applications capable of reliably protecting an existing resource from any DDoS attacks. Having installed the necessary protection, you will prevent data theft, easily optimize any number of web applications, quickly recognize a disguised attack, be able to instantly respond to any danger and get secure access to the Internet.